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Where Inspiration and Creativity Meet!  Our services range from conceptual planning, design, production, quality control and tailoring EVERY Promotional Product solution to meet our clients expectations.

Brands in Motion are promotional merchandise specialists supplying goods with clients brands applied onto anything and everything from a pen to a business shirt and everything in between.

Whether you have a new or existing business, most start from the ground level and we all want to see your business grow, develop and become successul. As such we encourage you to check out a fabulous new website called: that will provide you with a bunch of free how-to guides on other business matters. If only this website existed when we started our business 10 years ago, so log on and begin your journey with answers to most of your questions plus answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet- definitely a game changer. Once your business plan is well underway with only a few weeks before your big opening day, thats where Brands in Motion can assist whether its uniforms, perhaps promotional products to ignite your business launch or down the track,  staff or client promo gifts.

Whether our clients have healthy budgets at their disposal or not, investing your marketing dollars into co-branding a Brand name product (eg Nike, Seiko) is one solution that generally delivers results and even gets your competitors attention . Why?  Most Australians can identify with brand name products which represent quality and with your brand applied, this product now adds exceptional value which all recipients would love and support.

Being a distributor and a reseller servicing the corporate world with promotional products provides us with a enviable platform to better understand the expectations on both sides. When we brainstorm with our clients, its all about coming up with the best workable and innovative solutions and then coordinating with the best suppliers no matter the challenge or budget.

Every merchandise collection is unique as it has been designed, manufactured and individualised in accordance to our client requirements. All merchandise produced is designed to deliver your company’s message, vision and brand no matter whether its an inexpensive plastic Pen, Backpack, Umbrella, Power Bank, Polo shirt plus any combination of thousands of other product and budgetary choices featured on our website.

Another service and benefit to our clients is the short turnaround times for us to arrange stock, branding and delivery to our clients offices.This eliminates the need for many corporate businesses to pay exorbitant 3rd party logisitic warehouse fees for merchandise being produced and warehoused for months just so that when required, delivery can be arranged within a few days. Our turnaround times for locallly supplied stocks can now be just days up to 8 working days from artwork approval to receiving your order. The upside provides you with additional marketing dollars to allocate elsewhere within your business. 

‘Empower Your Brand’ -  There’s no time like the present, so please contact Brands in Motion today so we can assist in elevating your brands profile to new heights. 

Please call 0450 737 357 to speak to a member of our team, or simply email: 

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