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Air Sanitizer - White - (WS907_AC)

Kills 99% of bacteria and instantly improves the air quality for a healthy home. Applies 4 stage Nano - Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO) air sterilizing technology (globally patented technology). Filtration system - Nano - filter (Zeorite), Washable pre - filter. Removal of viruses, bacteria, Odours and Respirable Suspended Particulates Recommended room size - ~ 5 m. Gas sensor - Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) air quality sensor. Digital air quality indicator - from 1 (improved) to 20 (become poorer). LED light air quality indicator - Amber - To be improved, Green - In progress, Blue- Improved. 4 level Fan speed settings - Auto, High, Low, Silent. Smart night mode for auto - adjusting the strength of the LED light. Safety lock for filters installment. Filter Expectancy - 3 years replaceable Nano - filter. Powered by 12 V DC adaptor. Power consumption - 18 W.

Quantity 10 100 250